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1978  Trans Am Blue Martinique # August 2017

Sent: Friday, August 04, 2017 10:46 AM
To: Rick Deiters
Subject: Cathy blue ta

When I called Rick about a Trans Am, I never imagined I would be buying my dream car from him sight unseen less than two weeks later.

 Even though I never met him in person, there was just something about him I knew I could trust. He worked with me one-on-one throughout the entire process

 and went above and beyond answering any and all questions I had. Rick made sure I knew exactly what I was getting and went the extra mile to assure I was happy with my dream purchase.

This is one man and company you can trust and buy from with confidence! I have no regrets at all! Thanks for everything, Rick! It was truly a pleasure doing business with you!


 1973  Trans Am Ram Air III June  2017

I see it arrived safe, thanks Bill!



1979 Trans am October 2016

Thanks Rick!

1977 Trans am August  2016

Rick!! We got married 6/18/16 and the Trans Am that YOU restored was used in our wedding videos and pictures! I pulled up and picked up my bride same as Burt Reynolds did in Smokey and the Bandit

and then peeled out leaving. It was phenomenal and everyone loved it. ️Enjoy the pics and I hope all is well and look forward to stopping by some time.




1978 Transam Blue Martinique for Robert April 2016

Hi Rick,

I absolutely love my 1978 Blue Martinique Trans Am.  It's been my dream car for as long as I can remember.  This is the only vehicle that I have ever purchased site unseen.  Normally a very nerve racking thing to undertake.  However you made this purchase very easy and straight forward.  I appreciate how you and your staff kept me well informed, and sent great pictures and videos of the maintenance and upgrades that I requested.  All the work is exceptional, I look forward to working with you and your staff on future upgrades and restoration on my baby.

 Thank you,

 Robert Bellman

1981 Pace car for Nick April 2016

Rick,  I just wanted to let you know that the pace car arrived last night so it was a very quick delivery.  It’s in the garage now with my ’94 T/A (I purchased that new way back in ’93,  it was the very first one in upstate NY).  I only have a two car garage though so I had to leave my GTO outside since we were expecting rain.  I was worried because I made a mistake right off the bat…. The first time I drove it, I forgot I was supposed to let it idle for a minute before I turned it off to let the turbo cool down.   I was not pushing too hard it so hopefully that will be OK.  Other than that,  my girlfriend (who is not in to cars at all) gave it her seal of approval so all is well!


Thank you for everything…… Nick


1981 Trans am for Santiago

Do you believe in Faith? Well in March of 1981 after driving by Bruebaker Pontiac Cadillac in Montgomery, Alabama several times I
finally decided it was time buy one. So I drove up and was checking out 4 TA’s. There was one blue and gold, one in red and gold, then there was 2 white one. One of the white ones had a blue interior and the other a gold. I asked if they had a black one but they said they couldn’t keep them on the lot and didn’t know when they would get another one in. I didn’t want a red or blue one so it was between the white and gold or blue. I thought the Gold looked like a nice combo so I said yes to the white and gold.
So the story gets hairy when they said I had to have $5,000 down since I had very little credit. My salesman really wanted me to have it but finance just had to have the down payment. So I said let me see what I can do. I left crushed but determined. So I went to the credit union and got a loan for $2,500 and called Larry (my salesman). Explaining to him that $2,500 was all I could come up with. Larry said they won’t accept that and apologized. The last thing he said to me was give me some time to talk to them. Well I just knew my desire to own a TA was not going to happen.
Two weeks later I get a call from Larry. He said “I got it worked out, come get your Trans Am”. In total shock me and my wife drove to pick up the TA. We had a new house, a 6 month old daughter and now a brand new White and gold T-Top automatic Trans Am. I still remember it was a cool day but we didn’t care, we took the T-Tops of and cruised.
Well life caught up with us and we ended up getting a divorce and my finances went downhill. It was so bad that I let my insurance go and 2 months later I was in a
Tornado that not only killed 4 people, but blew my back window forward and hit me in the back of the head. Blowing the T-Tops up and I looked up into the center of the storm as cars were being tossed around like a toy. It was over in just a few seconds. The paint on
the driver’s side had hundreds of paint chips, no T-Tops, driver window or back window and the hood was bent. I was in shock and physically unable to get in the car. I left it there and got a ride from a truck driver.
I got a hood and the window replaced but couldn’t afford to get the paint and body done. So over the next 20 years I drove it until I purchased another car and parked it. Then in 2006 I finally got it into Buzzrods in Argo for the frame of restoration. Well the next 3 years I paid and paid and saw very little progress. So after confronting the shop I filed legal action. The shop filled bankruptcy and I had what was left of the car shipped to Miami to Trans Am Specialties. In September of 2013 the restoration was complete minus the bird and decals. By the way this car was amazing! The motor is incredible as well as the interior and paint.
Next was the final detail and some other personal touches I wanted done. So enter Impatient Creations in Alabaster, Alabama. After meeting Dennis Lyons at the car show in Fultondale and seeing the paint work on a new Camaro I knew that this is where I wanted it done. So after going over the car with a fine tooth comb and adjusting things, painting the bird, stripes and letters it was time for the first car show. The 2015 World of Wheels. The Super Bandit won 1st in class. My dream came through again in a greater way. This year she won another award at the World of Wheels.

The moral to this story is if you dream something and really desire it, be patient and don’t give up. I’m the original owner and there is more history behind this car but as you can see from the pictures it is a true testament of the passion that Trans Am Specialties and Impatient Creations have in what they do to bring your dream to life. I can’t thank Rick Deiters and Dennis Lyons for fulfilling my dreams. This is my story.

1977 Trans Am Special Edition sold to Raymond in FL

car delivered 11/04/2014

Rick thanks for everything! You did a great job on my car! Thanks for all your help! You guys do top-notch work!

Ray B.

 1978 Trans Am 4 speed sold to Carl  July 2014

The T-A is awesome ! Thanks again Rick . Carl Blue


Trey from Laredo Texas, just received his 77 Trans Am SE July 2014

Hi Rick!!

The bird has landed in Laredo TX. Arrived last night safe and sound Awesome car ,  Thank you

P.S hope to visit you shop one day

       Thanks again


Edward picking up his  Beautiful 78 Blue Martinique / June 2014

6/27/14 . Rick, we absolutely love the Martinique blue 78! I wanted to thank you and your team for making this purchase an easy and enjoyable experience. Your professionalism with every call and ensuring that we had the car that was best for my family is truly appreciated. Best of luck to you and look forward to continued business with Trans Am Specialties in the future.


1980 Trans am Pace Car

Second car from Rick and counting !

1979 Trans am 4 speed

Feb 2014  new owners Todd and his son from Alabama, Todd said; "this is my dream car, thanks Rick!"


1979 Trans am sold to ITALY

Ciao Rick, oggi ho usato la macchina tutto il giorno, e'meravigliosa!!! Complimenti a te e tutto il tuo staff di grandi meccanici.

 La macchina e'esattamente come me l'hai descritta nel sito siete veramente seri e professionali.

Complimenti a tutti e grazie di cuore.

 A presto. 

Alessandro B.


Hello Rick, today I used the car all day, it's woderful! Congratulations to you and all your staff with great mechanics.
The car is exactly  like  you've described in the site , you are  really serious and professional.
Congratulations to all and thank you.
See you soon.

1976 50th anniversary Special Edition Y82 Trans Am

Nov 2013, Thanks Rick for getting me this beautiful Trans Am .

The fly "who's your daddy" Tampa, FL

1976 Firethorn  Trans Am tribute

 It was a pleasure dealing with Rick and his entire staff at Trans Am Specialties! I am a very happy customer

Kristin , AZ

1979 gold  Pontiac Trans Am original survivor

Thumbs up, amazing car, like new

Gustavo , North Miami, FL

1981 Pontiac Trans Am Convertible Conversion October  2013

Rick, Thank you! That was one of the most enjoyable rides I have had in a long time. Would you send me copies of the pics you took this morning and the one with me in the car. I've started a scrapbook on the car. My Best to you All, Tom

1977 Pontiac Trans Am October  2013

Hi Rick, it has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you and your team over the last few months. I have been obsessed with these cars since a teenager and just had to have another one. After searching for months in the UK without success I called Rick at Transamflorida.com who had the exact Trans Am I had been searching for, a white 1977 T-Top Auto with red interior, which I bought the next day. I was kept up to date with photo's and emails throughout the restoration process. She is now safely at home and looks awesome, completely rust free from California as promised.
Thanks again Rick for all your help and look forward to dealing with you in the future.
Best Regards
Ian B
Norfolk UK


1973 Pontiac Firebird

Sent: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 8:02 PM
To: rick@transamflorida.com
Subject: testimonial 1973 firebird for bob

 Hello Rick, I wanted to submit my testimonial for you. I again wish to thank you, Gio, Alex and the rest of the crew. Outstanding job,and the 'bird looks awesome and runs like I stole it!!

Thank you Rick , Giovanni , Alex and the rest of the crew at trans am specialties of fl. I met Rick this past December 2012. I went into Miami to look for a 1970 trans am. While Rick was showing me around the shop, I was in awe as to the number of old school
pontiacs. As I continued looking, a 1973 firebird 400 formula caught my eye. Wow what a beautiful car. Rick did tell me that he currently did not have a 1970 T A, I said, I would be interested in the '73 firebird. And the rest is history. I had the car delivered 3/8/13. It arrived safe and sound to my home. You know, cars are common, these old school cars are not. Men and women who work on cars are common, Rick, Giovanni, Alex and the rest of the crew are not. They all have the determination, heart, passion, and fortitude to do what they do and that is special. Not everyone can take a 38-40 year old car and turn the hands of time back to the day the car was on a dealers lot and how it looked then. These guy's are talented, and would recommend for all who will read this, mention to a friend or family member of theirs, or even during coffee break talk how awesome trans am specialties of fl is.
Anyone who is looking for a restored Pontiac brand old school T A or other car or even bring one in to be restored, trans am specialties of fl is the place to get r done. You will be satisfied. You will be excited. You will be strutting your stuff as soon as you sit in your restored old school muscle car by trans am specialties of fl.

Thank you, sincerely.           Bob Klamkin

Unique Cars Magazine issue #352 July 2013

 1979 Trans Am Y84 Special Edition  Oct 2012

After looking for months for a Trans Am I found Rick at Trans Am Specialties. Rick had the selection and parts to  support mine  or any purchase. More importantly Rick and his staff had the knowledge and understanding to help me make an informed decision at the moment of buying on of these cars. He also stands behind his products and word. I would recommend Rick at Trans Am Specialties to anyone in the market for a Trans Am or any other muscle car.

Mark G.

Austin, TX

1973 Firebird Formula

Rick, Giovanni 

Thank you for making my US Navy retirement one to remember! The Firebird Formula 455 is AWESOME!  I was looking for something “special” to celebrate my 20+ years as a Naval Officer and I came across your website. First, I was apprehensive about committing to buy a classic "muscle car" over the internet but after speaking with you and receiving prompt, courteous and knowledgeable responses I decided to jump in the “deep end”.   

My experience with the purchase and then working with Giovanni’s team was a pleasure.  Also, being able to visit your shop while in Miami allowed me to test drive the car and take car of the little things. You should be commended on your customer service….it builds trust.Now to the car - That Pontiac 455 engine is a beast. Can’t really explain it unless you sit in it and feel that deep rumble and step on the pedal.  My wife says she can hear me driving 2 blocks away. (LOL). I’m very happy with the 5 speed Tremec, which makes driving on I-95 at low RPMs a pleasure. Also, thanks to Giovanni, Alex and the team that added the A/C system.  It’s hot up here (record heat). But I’m able to crank the A/C and still enjoy the car. Lastly, appreciate the custom install on the Pioneer stereo and Alpine speakers. Quality job guys!   

Definitely recommend Trans AM Florida to friends in the market for a muscle car.



Northern Virginia 07/02/2012

Mohammed 1979 Trans Am SPECIAL Edition Sold to Dubai UAE

Dear Rick, Hi, I hope you are fine.I am sending photos of the vehicle after I registered it in Dubai. To be honest with you I could not believe my eyes when I saw the car for the first time being pulled from the container at the Jebel Ali Port in Dubai. This is wonderful. I do appreciate your efforts and works that you put through to make my dream come true. I thank you so much and I hope to see you one day should I come to the US. I am proud to deal with a committed, reliable, dedicated and prompt individual like you. I wish you more success. You are wonderful and everybody should trust you without a single doubt. I bought the car without seeing it. I am 100% satisfied. You have are one of a kind.

Many thanks and God bless you.


Pete and his 10yh anniversary restored at trans am specialties FL

The car won 1st place, best in class this weekend at  the New Orleans World of Wheels for best original restoration.  Sun 1/29/2012 11:02 PM

When I got the car in there I never really thought it could have a chance as there were hundreds of killer cars there.   The show was from Friday to Sunday and I brought it on a Wednesday night and had a chance to see what was coming in.   These cars from the best that I could tell looked like they all had $50k to $75 thousand dollars of labor and materials in them to get them restored. The cars were all just what you would think was there, all muscle cars from 66 to 86 and all of the cars were Mustangs, Firebirds, Camaros, GTO cars,  Cuda cars and a few Chevelle cars.  Most all of them had out of this world paint jobs on them.  This show is really a large show.   Tons of traffic police all day for three days, many national vendors and sponsors with their huge traveling rigs and tractor trailers.   They probably had at least 50 custom motorcyles there alone.    When I saw all of that I thought there was no chance.   What made the car win was that it was 100% original best restoration except I did put in a new after market radio amp and speakers.   Of course the speakers and the amp is hidden in the trunk and the trunk was closed.   Also the lights made a good looking car to begin with look like a car that was hardly driven, and I drive the car apr 50 miles a week.  I had it on a big piece of charcoal grey carpet and I cleaned every part of the tires so it looked like it was not even driven there.      Every time I re visited the car there were always tons of people around it taking photos and laughing and remembering.   I even heard people bringing up Burt Reynolds, why I don’t know since the car is silver.     There was another 79 Black Bandit in there and it looked awesome as far as paint goes but he had a Chevy engine in it and he had 2010 (Z/28)  gold stripes on the trunk and a solid gold cowl induction hood, like you see on the early 70’s Chevelle.    Nothing close to original and he simply could not beat our car.  I really like the car a lot and my kids love it but I really did not think it could win in that class in that size show but it did.    I had it detailed and dressed the engine out again apr 2 hrs before I brought it to the convention center, so it was as clean and shiny as it could ever get.   I took it from one garage to another.  My son may have taken some photos on his I phone and if he did, we will e mail them to you for sure and I not I will try to take some awesome photos of it with the winning trophy.. 

this is the car https://transamflorida.com/215transam1979anniverary.htm

Tony's trans am from New Zealand

Hi Rick

The T/A is in New Zealand, it was good to finally see it after all these months. I unloaded it off the shipping container myself. Everything went without a problem. The car started up first time, which was great considering it was in the container for 2 months. It also flew through the bio-security inspection, which is no easy feat, thanks for the good job you had done with the cleaning etc, the inspector was very impressed. The car attracted plenty of attention at the Logistics company, people came from all over the place to have a look, it was very hard to leave. It was a 200Kms journey home on a salvage trailer and once home we unloaded it off on the street, this attracted even more people out to have look. The feedback has been amazing, it seems to appeal to all ages, young and old. I spent some time over the following days going over and detailing the car in readiness for the New Zealand vehicle testing compliance procedure. It is very hard to pass first up with an imported car, especially an old one.  It breezed through, and I was out cruising Christmas eve, after putting on those Y82SE plates. Absolutely awesome, what a Christmas present, it took a long time, but it was worth the wait.

Rick, you know I asked you a lot of questions, some which may have sounded silly, but you were very patient and helpful at all times. You gathered up new parts for me, even though I changed my order three times, it was seemingly no trouble.

You also made videos for me on request and had the cars papers sent out to me personally. I had you do some service repairs,  and  I even asked you to recommend a good shipping contact and you come up trumps there too. They looked after the car well and were so good to deal with.

You were always confident I would be happy with this car, and I am. It was a huge undertaking to buy a car on the other side of the world,  without seeing it up close and personal and taking it for a drive. You made me feel very comfortable through the whole process, your honesty and integrity is very much appreciated.

Please feel free to post this in your testimonials, and I have included my email address, ttaj@xtra.co.nz  for anyone wanting further reassurance.

I have wanted a car like this since I was 17, a dream come true, thanks Rick and Trans-am Specialties.



1977 Pontiac Trans Am 30k miles

Chris Stones '77 Trans-Am purchased in Jan. 2011 from Rick at Trans-Am Specialties of Florida 

----- Original Message -----

 Chris Stone

Karl's Trans Am  from Australia

Hello Rick, Karl Martin here Western Australia, I know it has been along time but I have finally put together some pics of that beautiful t/a you sold me. Still havn't licensed it, have big bills to pay getting the brown t/a ready for sale, am sorting out the locks on the SE, no worries. Don't want to drive it, you got the snowflakes so clean, I was thinking to myself it must be a big job to get those rims as clean as that. You got the car spotless, even after just one wash through the car wash it shines really brightly. I had the car out of the garage last week, had it parked running the engine, looked at it and thought to myself - my life is complete. I have some videos to share with you as well if you are interested, mail me back if you want me to send you the link. You asked if you could use any of my photos of these cars to put on your website, you can use any of the photos in this album Rick, I will check your website soon to see if you have put any up there. Thanks to you, Carlos, Ruben & Rosie, every


Let's see: Red or Green ... Red or Green? Hmmmmm ... Oh just box 'em up, I'll take BOTH!"
The cars are more beautiful than I could have ever imagined.  Next on my bucket list? A pair of '71 455 H.O.s - in Cameo White with the Blue Stripe and Lucy Blue with the White Stripe, of course!
But seriously, let me know if "Big Orange" ever returns to your inventory.

1976 trans am SE

Sunday, April 10, 2011 2:48 PM 

Rick,  I just wanted to thank you for the terrific job you all did on my ’76 SE Trans Am.   As you know, my wife bought this car for me as a surprise for our 25th anniversary and she was worried about the transaction because she’s not super-knowledgeable about these cars.    You took extra steps to make her comfortable, helping her get an independent, third party view of the car.  You all did even more work than my wife had bargained for, to make sure you were delivering an excellent car.  I couldn’t be happier with the car, the work you did, your service and especially your integrity and professionalism.

Thank you,



Hey Rick!   Well you ARE a man of your word.  The T/A came in just as you described last night around 7PM (actually better than I was expecting).  My mechanic buddy was here when it arrived ready to get her checked out.    Seems all is very good with her.  Compression, etc. is almost like new.   It is now all tuned up with new fluids from front to rear, new plugs/wires, filters (3AM!!!).   Of course when we were done we had to take it for a “test drive”.  There is an interstate close by that is not busy at night so off we headed.  You can imagine we gave it a test drive to the fullest J    

Today my buddy that owns the detail product company I was telling you about will be here to detail the T/A and my Shelby clone.   This guy takes care of Jay Leno’s cars, among many others across the country.    I’ll send you photos when he is done with her.   And man, she needs it.  Sitting on that open carrier for 6 days made her look sadly awful. 

Rick, I know I asked you many many stupid questions along the way.   You have a way with people to make them feel comfortable.  I feel at this point I got a great deal from you on the T/A.   I so appreciate your help.

 I would love to stay in touch with you.

 Photos to come soon J




1978 trans am 4 speed SE

4/5/2011 11:06:26 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time Rick,
I cannot tell you how much I love my car.  It's something I wanted since I was a little kid and I'm so glad you helped me find it.  I knew the car would get a lot of attention, but not like this; the reaction is almost overwhelming.  Thanks again for all your great work.  Wilson

1978 Trans am Special Edition
Positive feedback rating Nice car.... highly recommended Buyer: Apr-11-11 10:19
  Pontiac : Trans Am (#320651849405) US $35,000.00 View Item Pontiac : Trans Am


Hi Rick,

I'm attaching a couple of photos of my new car on the first day we had it out driving it. You're welcome to post these on the website if you like. Thanks again for the great deal and hooking me up with the car. Tim Martin

1973 Brewster Green for Paul


            I tend to be a bit long-winded, so for those of you considering purchasing a car from Trans-Am Specialties, let me say this: my 1973 Brewster Green arrived safe and sound and was exactly as described.  If anything, the condition exceeded Rick’s description of the car.  I bought this car based on Rick’s description and the countless pictures and videos of the car inside and out that were posted on Rick’s website, and could not be happier.  How many people out there can you buy a car from without taking the time to travel half-way across the U.S. for a one-on-one inspection and not be disappointed?  Not many.  But Rick Deiters DEFINITELY falls within that elite category.  I also am posting my personal cell number so that anybody considering buying a car from Rick can call me directly: (913) 645-5925. 

My new baby is an all original, (previously) un-restored 1973 car with 38k original miles that was the benefactor of a true enthusiast prior owner who provided impeccable care and maintenance for his car.  It is a solid, reliable car the squeaks, creaks and rattles one would expect of a 37 year old well maintained muscle car without the benefit of a frame-off restoration.  I truly believe that this just adds to the overall live, organic character of driving a big displacement, American made muscle car.  Rick says to his potential customers: “If you are expecting the ride of a 2009 Lexus, don’t buy a 1973 Trans Am.”  Quite frankly, anybody truly in the market for original early 70’s muscle would know this going into the deal.   

I had Rick’s team take care of several small items of general maintenance prior to delivery: fluids, plugs, hoses, belts, radiator, battery, etc. along with an engine bay detail.  The work is impeccable.  It’s so obvious that this is a labor of true “love” for Rick and his team.  Then I got a little carried away and decided to have Rick’s engine guru Charlie Kababby give the motor a once-over.  Nothing wild, just mild.  The motor has plenty of displacement to make wide-eyed power the old-fashioned way.  If you aren’t familiar with Charlie K., just do a quick google search.  His name will pop up in the company of countless winning Pontiac racing teams and articles in Hi-Performance Pontiac Magazine.  Charlie literally gave me his cell number and welcomed calls about the motor work.  He gently guided me away from some of my ill-informed ideas and explained why less is often times more in the horsepower world.  Anybody can slap together big-valve high-compression heads with too-much cam and have a motor that will post big dyno numbers over a teeny-tiny-narrow power band and last about a month.  Charlie builds motors that pull HARD across the full power band with streetable compression and idle that run like a swiss wristwatch and outlast the rest of the car.  THANK YOU CHARLIE!!!  Rick sent daily photos and videos of the entire process. 

With that much motor, I then decided to go a bit “resto-mod” with the addition of a TKO 600 transmission.  There is nothing like selecting your own cogs in a big-displacement muscle car and nothing like 80 miles per hour at a quiet, calm 2000 RPMs.  The installation was SO clean inside and out that it literally looks like an original factory manual trans car. THANK YOU ALEX!!!  This car is now so “streetable” that it is just a joy to drive.  It starts the first time every time, runs cool, pulls strong, and literally relaxes at highway speeds.  I LOVE THIS CAR!!! 

Paul D. Cramm


German magazine 'HUPE" article featuring one of our trans ams
1983 Trans Am Claudio from Italy

Ciao Rick, ti allego le foto che ho fatto oggi 17/10/09.

Colgo l' occasione per ringraziare te e i tuoi collaboratori, per avermi dato una Pontiac Tran am alla quale sono felicemente diventato il proprietario,nelle perfette condizioni in cui si trova visibili anche da foto. Sono soddisfatto dell'acquisto....Nonostante ci conoscessimo solo telefonicamente, Ti ringrazio di avermi trattato con onesta, professionalita, e trasparenza.

Un caloroso saluto a presto

Claudio  from Milano Italy

translation: Hi Rick, attached pics from tady with the car, I would like to thank you and your team for this Great Pontiac Trans Am I own now, the car is in perfect condition and that can be seen in photos, I am satisfied with my purchase. I have not met you in person, but I really appreciate your honesty  and professional service.

Kind regards Claudio from Milan, Italy


1979 Trans Am  Scott from Florida

Made it back to Jupiter, car ran fine! it's fun to drive.  I forgot to get all the records and manuals you said you have for it.

  Will you send that to me?  Thanks,  Scott .

see full photos of car  >>>here

Bruce from Australia


Bruce here I have my Trans Am safe with me now Its not locked up tight in the garage as I thought I might do

I get in it every weekend as I am working away from home at the moment & come home just for the weekend

The looks are fantastic ( the youth of about 15-25yrs are the best at responding) you would think the oldies would take a second look

I am so in love with the vehicle its everything that I thought it would be & more 

BRUCE 0027


1977 Trans Am SE

Hi Rick, 

Just wanted to send some pictures of the T/A and to let you know what a great job you did on the car. Service, honesty and quality where all wrapped up with the experience of purchasing this fine automobile. It has impressed all my friends and relatives as well as the aficionados at the car shows that I have attended. Your passion for the preservation and restoration of these vehicles really comes through with the final product.  

Keep up the great work, 

Steve Mumford


1977 Special Edition Trans Am of Dr. Anthony LaRusso
this is an excerpt from the articles appearing in the EAGLE

The August 2009 Eagles issue’s featured car is the 1977 Special Edition Trans Am of Dr. Anthony LaRusso. Here is the story:


I became a NFTAC member in 1996 and got serious about my love for Firebirds and that Firebird spirit that is so evident in all NFTAC members. There is just something about the Firebird that no other car has. Not even the minute-est fraction of

A Firebird is like no other car; even the similar body styled Camaros with the same shell never looked like a Firebird.

My dream car was a 1977 Special Edition Trans Am. I had one and it was featured in the Spring 2000 issue of this magazine and it’s story. Then divorce hit. I was forced to sell it and everything else I owned. After a few years of being broke and starting my life over, I found another 77 Sp. Ed. Tran Am in Queens, New York. I went to see it in June 2004 and by that point they had become much more popular than in the 1990’s and more valuable (and expensive). This one was shot, but all there, numbers matching. It blew out smoke, but it still ran. T-Tops and all. It was a genuine Y82 Trans Am and loaded with every option including the more expensive Lombardy Cloth interior, new for 1977. The interior was clean but faded. Not even any rips! The dash was cracked and the armrest was as well, and there was more rust in it than in the Titanic. To me, it was a survivor. Originally from Brooklyn and now in Queens, this sucker made it! From 1977-2004 and still all there and running. In New York! It’s probably the only one in all 5 boroughs to survive. Even though it was tired, it had a look to it. Tough and mean. The face on it just looked so manly. The ride was smooth and handling was even better than the previous mint condition one I had before divorce. This was a well built T/A. I loved it. I bought it for $3,000 and after driving around and burning several quarts of oil each time I took it out for a day, I blew the motor on the NJ Turnpike trying to outrun a pain-in- the butt T-Bird that was chasing me. I had the engine taken apart. My uncle was concerned for me and urged me to sell it. He pointed out that I was not yet on my feet after divorce and this car just wasn’t worth all the time and energy it would need, and the money to invest in it. I agreed and sold it for $1,000.

Two years and three months later I was regretting selling it. I saw one go by one day and they had also gone even further up in popularity and value. Heck when I was first going in 1996, they were $9,000 clean and no one talked about them and they were not considered classics and no one cared. At the time I didn’t understand this and it quite frankly ticked me off. In 2006 they had risen to $30,000 clean and today clean survivors are selling in the low-mid 30 thousands. Restored cars are worth over $40,000. Wow! I mean all classic muscle cars and classic cars in general have skyrocketed in value in this decade... .and now the 1977 Special Edition is lumped in with all of the rest. It is now a highly sought after valuable classic car.

I was combing ads in 2006 and saw a 77 Sp. Ed. For sale with freshly rebuilt motor. It was in a town about 20 minutes from mine, so I went and it was my car! With the engine rebuilt bored 30 over and done right. My shorts were still in the trunk and it was still titled in my name. The dude bought it from the person I sold it to.

The first guy monkeyed with it and the second guy knew what to do. He did the engine himself and in the garage next to it was a gleaming restored 4-speed 1976 Trans Am 455 that he had restored himself He was working on a few cars and ran out of money. So, he was forced to sell this car. Now that I had my car back and it ran like hell, I wanted to do something special for it. I mean, heck, this thing survived New York for 30 years and had this crazy story in New Jersey and I end up buying it twice. It just deserved something special. I went online and searched for restoration shops to restore it. I found Trans Am Specialties of Florida. I called and spoke to Rick Deiters, the owner. He was warm, charismatic and convincing. He is the only restoration shop in the world that focuses on the Special Edition Trans Am. I described the car and we talked numbers and I had a truck take it to Miami. It stayed 11 months there and Rick and his crew labored on it. They took it off it’s frame and even cut-off the back half of the car to fit a donor rear-section on it. That’s how bad the rust was. I wanted to keep as much of it as possible, so that is why I had them save the cabin section and not just replace the entire shell. What a great place. I flew in 3 times, met Rick and his men. He even let me drive a Special Edition he had there (one of many) and took me to his house to meet his wife and beautiful two kids. We went with the kids to Dunkin Donuts for goodies and had fun together. I also hung out at the shop which is Trans Am fever. All Firebirds, accessories, and they do things right. My car came out show-room new and it is my baby. Rick documented the entire restoration on his web site. This one is for keeps. I have learned from my mistakes and for me and for this car, and for our story together, it is truly THE SECOND TIME AROUND!

Dr. Anthony LaRusso

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Fritz 1978 TA Sold to Germany

hi rick, 

enclosed find pics from arrival, and giving the car a welcome party with champagne with my wife and neighbours

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/ Best regards

see restoration >>>here



1977 Trans Am Special Edition

Sold to Mike N. Ireland

Mike Barr (25) - Larne, Northern Ireland

"Its hard to come across a 1970's Special Edition Trans Am in good condition especially when you live in Northern Ireland. I came across my dream machine (Black 1977 Special Edition Trans Am) on Ebay and like anyone else I was pretty worried about buying a car over the internet (let alone in a different country!). After several emails back and forth from TA Specialties my mind was soon put to rest and I decided to go through with the bidding. Due to the USA and UK time difference I had to sit up until 4am in the morning to place my final bid. I really didn't think I was in with a chance but as it turned out luck was on my side and I won the car.  

Rick from Trans Am Specialties was more than helpful and kept me up to date with everything that went on with the car since the day of my purchase (he even sent me pictures of the car locked up safely in his garage when there was a potential threat of a tropical storm in the Florida area.) When the car finally arrived in the UK (I had to go to the South of England to pick it up) the rain was pouring from the heavens and my friend and I had an 8hr drive back up to Scotland ahead of us. When I saw the car roll out of the shipping yard NO amount of rain could have spoiled my day, visions of Smokey and the Bandit were flashing before my eyes. The car was exactly as described and in mint condition. We started her up, loaded the Jerry Reed CD and headed for Scotland to get it Mot'd which it passed first time! I now have the Trans Am in Northern Ireland and it turns heads wherever I go. I am still in contact with Rick from Trans Am specialties and he has since helped me get hold of several spare parts which I couldn't find in the UK or Ireland. I am glad that my first experience of buying a car online turned out well. If you are reading this and have any concerns or worries about buying a car from TA Specialties then fear not because I can reassure you that you will have NO problems whatsoever.

Thanks Rick for all your help with the TA. I hope if you ever visit Ireland someday I can pick you up at the Airport in the car that I have wanted since I was 6 years old. (as long as you don't mind going straight to the pub of course!!) Cheers!!

Mike Barr (25)


Co. Antrim


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the car was published in the magazine Rides, this kind of things make us feel proud of our work!


1977 Special Edition Tribute

sold to Mike

I was looking for years for Bandit in good shape, they were so expensive and hard to find, I met Rick with Trans Am specialties and he was able to find the perfect car to do a special edition look alike car at a very reasonable price. This car is my son's dream, it turns heads everywhere we go. We are very pleased with this car, it drives excellent, interior is like new, A/C blows cold! Thanks Rick for keeping the dream alive.

Mike Fernandez

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1980 Trans Am sold to Mike

from MS

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Hello Rick,
I would like to thank Rick from Trans Am Specialties for helping me get my perfect, mint Trans Am. It was everything he told me that the car would be before I ever saw it. The car that I have is a 1981 Trans Am, non Turbo car that has ONLY 34,535 on it and it is all original. The car that I have has got some history behind it also. Back in 1981 Pepsi Cola gave away 5 of these cars along with one Corvette and I am lucky enough to have one of the Trans Am's. A lady in Florida won this car when she was 61 years old. Rick found this car for me. I would recommend Rick from Trans Am Specialties to anyone that is looking for their dream car. His communication with you is great, the way he describes the car to you on the phone is just what you will see when you lay eyes on the car. You will be 100% satisfied when you see and get your car.
Mike Bourne


1979 Trans Am Special Edition

Sold to Rick from TX

Hi Rick
I just wanted to thank you for the car I purchased from you I don’t know any thing about ebay and letting some one have the option of stopping the bidding as posted was a relief!!! Also I want to thank you for helping me rent a trailer (actually driving us to uhaul dealer) and most of all helping (well you did most of the work loading my 1979 SE on the trailer) and making sure its tied down properly was above and beyond what I had ever expected!!! Also calling to check up on us (me and my girl friend driving all the way back to Dallas, Texas).
As far as the car 100% satisfied you could of said a lot more about the car but you kept it very very modest the car is better than you described I can not be more happy with this purchase and from your customer service and professionalism!!! I already won a trophy in the Dallas car show first one ever entered! I have had so much fun with this car I keep it in my garage and every night after work I just go out to the garage with one after work beer and just stare at it!!! When I am out driving around the Dallas area I feel like a rock star with all the attention is unbelievable these are the next big thing I guarantee it!!!!!!!!
Anyone that is considering purchasing any thing from Rick at TA-Specialties please call or email me for a reference!!!
P.S. Thanks for lunch at the great Cuban restaurant!!!!
Rick Lowther and Jackie Funk
Dallas, Texas
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Special Edition Smokey and the Bandit CD
     Here is also a little testimonial about the cars that we restore and sell.  Of course this will be the 30th Anniversary of Smokey and the Bandit released in 1977.  For the upcoming release for the new Special Edition DVD, we were contacted to supply the car used for the photo on the cover of the new DVD.  It was a Trans Am which we restored for Don out of Texas.  
He has also taken the car to local car shows and pulled in a trophy or two.

1977 Trans am Special Edition

click photo for more pics
I've always wanted a 1977 SE Trans Am. I found Rick and TA Specialites over the internet, e-mailed him, and got the ball rolling. Rick found one within a month of our first phone conversation. Almost 4 months later, I unloaded my restored 1977 SE off the truck and into my garage. Rick and his team did a great job with the car and kept me up to date w/their progress. For anyone out there that's always wanted one of these cars, TA Specialties is the place to start and end your search. Thanks Rick.

Trey Varn


1979 Trans am 10th anniversary

 sold to Mike

Rick, I LOVE THE CAR! . Nice guys and a pleasure to do business with. Thanks Mike!!!






1968 Dodge Charger RT

sold to Chicago


click photo for more pics

Mike in Chicago
Thanks so much for your honesty and description of the 68' Charger R/T. It was a pleasure to deal with you. In today's world it is hard to find people that will represent a car clearly. I look forward to future dealings with you (Trans Am)!
Mike in Chicago


1969 Charger SE sold to Sweden

Dec 2007

Hello Rick,

The car arrived to Gothenburg monday this week and I could pick it up from the customs on friday 21/12 without any shipping damage. We live 200 km north Gothenburg. The car was as you described but there is some rust in the trunk floor, going to put in new floor pans later. But who cares, the car is in a very good condition as you told me, some detail work and the car is very nice. Very good running engine and trans. Thanks Rick, looking forward to do business with you again.
The Swedish souvenir comes soon.......................
Merry Christmas and a Happy new year / Carita.


1978 Trans Am SE clone Sold to Sjeff from Netherlands



Dear Rick,
I want to inform you that the trans am is in Holland now and that it is  VERY NICE!!!!!!!!
I am very happy with it. only some small imperfections but i will fix it. i send you some pictures of it. i hope it drives like it shows. To bad i can not drive it yet.
I want to thank you for all your help and i am glad that there are people like you that can be trust. i will thank you in person because I am coming to Florida in April and then i will visit your company.

Greetings Sjef


1977 Pontiac Trans Am SE sold to Chris from Australia

 Rare white interior factory

Dec 2007


The eagle has landed. please ammend your website on item number 33 that it was sold to Chris from Australia.




1978 Trans Am Gold Special Edition sold in Florida

Hey Rick,

I wanted to thank you again for bringing me together with my dream car. She is beautiful. My wife had to coax me back into the house so I wouldn't sleep in the garage.

Again, I can't thank you enough. You have made my dream a reality.

Take care,

Les Vaughn


1973 455 HO Brewster Green Trans Am sold to Canada

click photo for details


1979 Trans Am Special Edition Y84

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Sold for: US $28,900.00   
  Auction ended early with Buy It Now.  

Ended: Mar-21-08 14:21:10 PDT
See item description for shipping details.
Sells to: Worldwide
Item location: Miami, Florida, United States
History: 7 bids
Buyer: race4turn1( 41Feedback score is 10 to 49)
Feedback / Item From Buyer / Price Date / Time
Positive feedback rating A very good seller for E-Bay, item just as described...A+++++ Mar-30-08 01:27
  Pontiac : Trans Am (#320228923642) US $28,900.00 View Item
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