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This section is for you guys to post your car photos or cars that you owned just email us with your Trans Am or your current muscle car pictures and will be posted here

October 2018 Larry from AL


October 2018 visitors from Colorado


October 2018 visitors from Holland


October 2018 visitors from Canada


October 2018 visitors from Delaware


1977 Pontiac Firebird Formula

Rasht,  Iran


 1978  Trans Am Blue Martinique # August 2017

Sent: Friday, August 04, 2017 10:46 AM
To: Rick Deiters
Subject: Cathy blue ta

When I called Rick about a Trans Am, I never imagined I would be buying my dream car from him sight unseen less than two weeks later.

 Even though I never met him in person, there was just something about him I knew I could trust. He worked with me one-on-one throughout the entire process

 and went above and beyond answering any and all questions I had. Rick made sure I knew exactly what I was getting and went the extra mile to assure I was happy with my dream purchase.

This is one man and company you can trust and buy from with confidence! I have no regrets at all! Thanks for everything, Rick! It was truly a pleasure doing business with you!

Jonesboro GA, 40th anniversary  of Smokey and the Bandit event with visitors from Sweden! thanks for the photo Rob!

 1973  Trans Am Ram Air III June  2017

thanks Bill!


1977 Grand Prix

Rodolfo from Costa Rica Nov 2015

Rodolfo's ride


 Duccio from Italy (June 2015)

This is the end of the work, my 79 trans am reborn in his original solar gold thank you and special

Thanks to trans am Florida for the interior and exterior parts. See you soon (i hope :) )


1978 Trans Am Special edition purchased from Trans Am Specialties of Florida in 2014, Richard from Prague, Czech Republic

 David picking up his acquisition 1981 TA SE white custom

 Edward picking up his  Beautiful 78 Blue Martinique / June 2014

6/27/14 . Rick, we absolutely love the Martinique blue 78! I wanted to thank you and your team for making this purchase an easy and enjoyable experience. Your professionalism with every call and ensuring that we had the car that was best for my family is truly appreciated. Best of luck to you and look forward to continued business with Trans Am Specialties in the future.



Cynthia and  Ross from Michigan  with their new acquisition 1979 Formula Firebird April 2014

Lorenzo from Connecticut visiting Trans Am Specialties march 2014

Thanks a lot Rick! I posted all my pictures on Facebook and everyone LOVES them and is talking about you and trans am specialties!! Lorenzo

Pauls 1973 Trasn Am 455

Purchased this car from Trans Am Specialties in Miami Fl , now riding in 17" rally II's



our friend Steve with Burt in his 77 TA august 2012



Ricky and Shirleen from Louisiana with their almost  brand new (804 original miles) , thanks for your purchase!

Berg Brothers from Norway came to buy their 1977 Pontiac Trans Am SE , see happy new owners in our shop





Tony from New Zealand and his TA from Trans am specialties



Bruce Australia and his Blocker from Trans am Specialties


Duccio from Italy came visit and buy parts (thanks for the photo)


Larry , Alabama (purchased from trans am specialties)


Fabian & Tania 1977 SE Trans Am Australia (purchased from trans am specialties)


Matt 1977 Trans Am UK (purchased from trans am specialties)


PAUL FROM KANSAS (purchased from trans am specialties, both)


Craig's 1977 trans am SE Y82


beware! Sheriff  Justice T Buford giving tickets!

TIM 1976 TRANS AM SE 50TH ANNIVERSARY (purchased from trans am specialties)


Fritz 1978 TA Sold to Germany (purchased from trans am specialties)

hi rick, 

enclosed find pics from arrival, and giving the car a welcome party with champagne with my wife and neighbors

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/ Best regards



MIKE 77 SE from Ireland* (purchased from trans am specialties)


1978 Trans Am of Lasse (Finland)