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1979 Pontiac 10th Anniversary Trans Am

Listing Overview:

Location: Puyallup, WA
Miles: 98,000
Sales Price: $9,000






This is the rare 10th Anniversary Trans Am model – 1 of 7,500 made overall and 1 of 5,683 made with the 6.6L 403cid V8 engine / automatic transmission combination. NADA Low Retail is $17,100.

I purchased this Trans Am locally almost a year ago in Puyallup, WA. I immediately gave it to a trusted mechanic who took it from running rough/unreliable to running great/reliable. I have driven this Trans Am for approximately 1,000 miles, letting it run but not abusing it. My wife and I are relocating out-of-state in June and this is the second of my Motor Pool to go on the block. Buyer can pick-up in Seattle/Tacoma area where the Trans Am is presently located, or we can discuss a pick-up location in OR or CA if that is preferred. Otherwise, I can ship at the buyer’s expense elsewhere in the US.

Engine – The 6.6L 403cid V-8 engine sounds great and runs strong. I take it for long drives in the rural Puyallup Valley and let it run on the winding roads without abusing it; this Trans Am is a pleasure to drive every time I take it out. A/C unit is missing. Downshift cable doesn’t connect to the aftermarket Edelbrock carburetor. Some rust spots on engine block. All new belts and hoses.

Interior – Rough seats and carpet. Diamond dash and gear plate are in good shape. All seat belts present and working. Unknown model of aftermarket radio is missing faceplate.

Body – Looks to be in decent shape from afar, but close inspection reveals some dings and scratches. Clean/superficial rust bondo repair on 3 of 4 wheel wells. A couple of rust bubble spots on the trunk and one near the side air intake. T-tops are not mirrored and have red handles, so they’ve come from another Trans Am. Passenger door closes tight but needs adjustment as it doesn’t seat correctly at first.

Underbody – Not rusted out, but not clean either. Dual exhausts are hanging in the correct position.

Electrical – Most of the work I had done on this Trans Am was electrical, such as re-wiring the engine, replacing/repairing window and wiper motors, and other electrical work. Red dash lights glow nicely and all gauges work except the clock. Power doors and windows work.

Tires – 245/65 R15 tires with 5% tread. Original Turbo rims.

Other – I removed the rear seats and did not find the build sheet. I have the original vehicle manual. The Radial Tuned Suspension works.

VIN Codes – 2X87K9L182354:

• Make: 2 – Pontiac
• Model: X – 10th Anniversary Trans Am
• Body Type: 87 – 2 Door Coupe
• Engine: K – 6.6L 403cid 4bl V8
• Model Year: 9 – 1979
• Production Plant: L – Van Nuys, CA (GM Plant 1947-92)
• Sequential Production Number: 182354 – This is the actual production number of the finished vehicle when it rolled off the line at the GM Plant.

Body by Fischer Cowl Tag Codes:

• Model Year: 79
• Car Model Line: 2FS87 – “2” Division Number (Pontiac), “F” Body Type (Firebird), “S” Series (Firebird), “87” (2 Door Coupe). Not to worry about this when decoding the cowl tag, as Pontiac and GM were rolling these cars off the assembly line pretty fast, so they mostly left the Fisher Body Plant as Firebird bodies and were made into Trans Ams at the GM Plant.
• Production Plant: L – Van Nuys, CA (GM Plant 1947-92)
• Fisher Body Sequential Production Number: 246927 – This is the actual production number of the body when it rolled off the line at the Fisher Body Plant (before it was sent to the GM Plant).
• Interior Trim Code: 152 – Silver Leather. I believe the “15” designates the color as Silver Leather and the “2” designates the type of interior as "Deluxe".
• Exterior Paint Codes: 15L – Platinum Poly (Lower Paint Code). 16U – Dark Charcoal (Upper Paint Code)
• RPO Codes: A51 – Bucket Seats. CCI – Hatch Roof, Removable. W – Water Based Paint
• Build Date: 05A – The two digit “05” number designates May as the month the car was built and the “A” letter code designates the first week in that month the car was built.
• Secondary Interior Color:
• Fisher Body Time / Date Code: X34051784 – Since quite some time has passed since these cars were built, figuring out what exactly this code is or how to decode it has been lost to time.

Contact Information:

Morris Franklin
phone 1.253-359-1195






This car is for sale by owner*



*Trans Am  Specialties not responsible for accuracy of info here presented and will not be liable for any errors, buyers must contact the owner of the car in order to verify all the above stated info