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1979 Firebird  SPECIAL EDITION Y84

 Ref#1308           SOLD!


Vehicle Description

Up for sale is an extremely rare 1979 Special Edition (Y84) Trans Am, which was special ordered brand new as a T-Top delete car. The trim tag and original build sheet both show "---" where you would normally see CC1, which is the RPO code for T-Tops. It is rumored that there are only a few 1979 SE's made with the special order T-top delete, so that alone makes this car especially rare and an investment grade vehicle. The market on Special Edition Trans Ams is absolutely red hot right now and this example is priced to sell. This SE is also in excellent driver condition and very correct. This numbers matching Trans Am is very stock in appearance and features the very sought after WS6 performance and handling package with 4 wheel disc brakes and the F41 Sport Suspension. It's a striking color combination and really brings you back to a time when the Trans Am was the performance car of an era. This Trans Am has very good paint and is very solid with great lines. It looks great, runs awesome, and is fun to drive. This is an excellent opportunity to own a classic Trans Am that is ready to be used and enjoyed at an unbeatable value. One could easily buy this car now and sell it for more than the purchase price in years to come. This Trans Am is finished in the beautiful and desirable color combinations of Starlight Black with SE pinstripes over Camel Tan Hobnail cloth interior. This is arguably the most desired and appealing color combination available on these second generation Trans Am's.
Please note that this Trans Am is "numbers matching." That means that all of codes, dates, and stamping are original or correct for the car and in correct chronological order. In terms of value this is a very important factor and will become more vital in the years to come as the car gets older. Most importantly the engine is original to the car. The last six digits of the VIN, 179053, are stamped on the engine block and pictured below indicating that this is the original engine that was installed in the car brand new at the factory. The full stamping is "29L179053" and "2" indicates the Pontiac division of GM, the "9" is the model year, 1979, and the "L" is the plant where the car was produced, Van Nuys, CA. The transmission is also numbers matching with the last 6 digits of the VIN stamped on the main case and pictured below. This Trans Am rolled off the assembly line during the fourth week of April, 1979 (04D). All of the trim and paint codes are also correct for the car. There are some light pits and two chips in the windshield. We opted not to replace the windshield as it original. Lower front and rear quarters, and other areas on the car most prone to rust, this car is solid. The trunk is complete, solid, and comes with a space saver spare tire, inflator bottle, jack, and jack accessories.
This Trans Am has a stamping on the radiator core support, which is pictured below. The core support shows a "3 20 79" stamp, or March 20, 1979. This stamping would be correct and original as it proceeds the car's build date of the fourth week of April, 1979 (04D). Both front fenders are also stamped and dated 1979, and pictured below. As one can imagine, if this Trans Am had ever sustained even a minor front end collision these parts would have been repaired or replaced. The original stampings are great to see intact. Windshield: GA - "G" denotes April and "A" denotes 1979 meaning the windshield was made in April of 1979.
Driver: GA - The "G" denotes April and the "A" denotes 1979 meaning the driver's side window was made in April of 1979.
Passenger: GA - "G" denotes April and "A" denotes 1979 meaning the passenger's side window was made in April of 1979.
Rear: NA - "N" denotes January and "A" denotes 1979 meaning the rear window was made in January of 1979.
Please note that ALL of the glass on this car, even the windshield, is date coded and original as each piece predates the car's body build date of this fourth week of April, 1979 (04D). Original glass is a good indication that this car has had no major accident history and never sustained significant damage.
The Camel Hobnail cloth deluxe interior of the Trans Am looks great and is almost all original. The original seat covers are in good condition for being 38 years old and really only show wear on the drivers and passenger seating area. They show no tears, rips, or stains and are not some cheap aftermarket covers or reproductions. The carpet looks great with no major stains, rips, or holes. The dash is in excellent condition with no cracks, fading, or sun damage. The original style GM am/fm radio cassette remains in the car today and most importantly the dash remains intact and uncut for a modern stereo system, there is a slight ignition noise through the speakers. All interior lights and gauges work as they should even the clock. The original door panels look great with no cracks or splits, and both door pulls are solid and intact. The headliner is in great shape with no holes or stains and is not sagging at all. The package tray was recently replaced and looks brand new. Also included with this fine TA are a new set of Trans Am logo mats which really set off the interior. This car has not been smoked in; there is no aroma of cigarettes what so ever. The seat belts operate and retract properly. This is a very common problem on this era "F-Body" and a small, but very important, detail most buyers do not think to check. Firebird interiors are not known to wear well and the excellent condition of this original interior is a huge testament to the meticulous care this Trans Am has received throughout its life.
This Trans Am appears to be in very good mechanical condition. This is a factory AC car, all of the stock AC components are still on the car and it is currently blowing cold. This Trans Am is an exceptional driver that feels great on the road and at highway speeds. The brakes are responsive and do not pull. There is no smoke when starting or driving the car. The factory ordered WS6 performance and handling package really adds to the appeal of this Trans Am and how it handles. The 4 wheel disk brakes was just the beginning of this special package; also included was larger sway bars, heavy duty springs, and 15x8 snowflake wheels. Also, the engine is clean and nicely detailed as one can see from the photos. The horn works as do all the exterior lights, wipers, and blower for the heater on all speeds. The power door locks engage, but as with most from this era they need a hand. The speedometer, tachometer, odometer, oil pressure, fuel, and battery gauges all work as they should. Also included with the car are service records from the previous owner. This Trans Am has lots of power and handles great. Not enough can be said as to how much of a pleasure it is to drive this car.
The market on for the Special Edition Trans Am is very strong right now and there are no comparable on the market since this is a special ordered T-Top delete car. I could not find one that had sold in recent years, you surely will own a very rare car that can only appreciate over time. It is a great value and will only appreciate over time.

$31,000.00 lowered to $25,000.00

Contact Sergio
my cell number : 1.786-201-1036   email: smenendez1@dadeschools.net

Contact Sergio
my cell number : 1.786-201-1036   email: smenendez1@dadeschools.net


*Trans Am  Specialties or CH auto corporation  not responsible for accuracy of info here presented and will not be liable for any errors, buyers must contact the owner of the car in order to verify all the above stated info



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