Pontiac 400 w72



This Engine been built by Charlie Kababby well known top Pontiac engine builder

forged pistons in, water pump and pulleys in place engine painted and detailed for show


now the real hard work has begun, to port and polish the heads is an art, is all hand made, 20 + years of experience show how to do it right, this heads required a lot of work, Charlie* spend 3 days just in one of them , will show below the difference from the one ported and the one original, no wonder this engines did not perform as they should, this is they way Pontiac wish they could have built back then.

Look at all the different tools, drills, grinders needed

look below the difference on the exhaust holes once ported, the difference is so radical, the holes are bigger and smooths, factory were all rough and much smaller, look how they shine now...this will increase exhaust flow and add many Hp's.

                                                                     ported                                               original

below, first pic shows ported polished heads, second shows the original one

This engine will perform like a swiss Rolex with lots of power

below Charlie's black TA beating a red TA (ok, thats too much power, your car wont do wheelies, but will smoke cars anywhere)



heads are installed, rocker rollers for high performance, the intake manifold was ported and shaved for perfect fit

*Charlie Kababby one of the most recognized pontiac engine builders in usa we are proud to have him in our team



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