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Phase 1

and engine work, scroll down


Car already stripped, all interior out, engine out, tranny out ready to be taken to body shop.

Engine out!

tranny out, car needs to be media blasted

frame Off started (It was not planned to be frame off)  but there was substantial rust that we had to eliminate, so chassis was

separated from the body  and complete sandblasted to remove rust

rust here and there all repaired with sheet metal


had quarters pretty rusted











now is repaired                                                                                                floors also repaired as needed










body work almost finished










almost ready to paint!!!

Front end reassembled






Professionaly built by Charlie Kababby!

All distributor rebuilt with MSD electronic ignition. Pontiac performer intake, You will have more power and response!

all body work finished and primed, ready to paint

Nose was cracked, replaced with new one!

all floors repaired no rust anywhere!

will be painted this weekend


car came back to assembly line, will start process right away!

Chris came to check the progress on his car!

new weather stripping and t tops brackets being installed, Alex is the king of interior work!

Engine ready to be droped!

lots of care to avoid scratches

headliner done!

Interior in progress,  se that crack? keep going down...

dash pad fixed!

interior plastic quarters, tray package done, next is carpet!

engine and tranny installed! 7/21/2007

to be continued.....









to be continued...



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