Curt's 78 Trans Am


engine apart

Brand new steering wheel and door panels


engine came back, and Charlie is assembling it now

Forged pistons compared to standard

High performance stainless steel Ferrea valves

he showed to me the perfect job of clearance for the pistons, the crank was cut and balanced and you can make it roll with 2 fingers, also the cam ;  this engine will have awesome power and performance

Charlie showing  the special lubricant provided by Gm that is necessary when building this  engines , the oil you buy in today's market does not have the necessary additives  like manganese and zinc to lubricate your camshaft properly (read tech bulletin on www.compcams.com ) , not even the synthetic oils.  You must use Rotella (used in diesel engines, see pic below)

Charlie is well known on the Pontiac world, he is one of the top Pontiac engine builders in the country.

The tranny also came back from rebuilt, just refinished in original aluminum color

Car was blocked again since I found some imperfections, there was some delay but now is solved, car will be ready very soon.

the rear bumber also being painted along with brand new flares, all teh guys are working now to finish the car in less than a week

Car back to our shop and ready to start assembly, paint is amazing and flawless!!!

Snowflakes 15 x 7 that you choose are also ready!

will drop engine and tranny today!

front end refinished before installing engine


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